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No pregnancy, hCG abnormally high

Nov 15 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, doctor, I had my last menstruation on July 16 this year, but I haven't had my menstruation since then. I took progesterone for a week, but I still haven't had my menstruation after more than 20 days. On November 3, routine urine test was negative, B-ultrasound examination was not pregnant, the thickness of endometrium was 13mm, and then I took progesterone injection for 5 consecutive days. After 3 days, I have had my menstruation, but the amount is not much, and the abdominal pain is incomparable. I went for pain relief injection, took painkiller and stasis removing tablets, and I didn't get pregnant after B-ultrasound. The endometrium is 5mm thick, The urine routine was negative, and a large blood clot with meat was discharged on the same day. After that, the menstrual volume was very small. On November 14, I went to check six hormones and hCG. The hCG result showed 40.53. The doctor said it might be an ectopic pregnancy, but I'm not sure. Let me check hCG three days later. What's the matter? I'm not ready. I don't want children this year. I don't want them until next year. If it's an ectopic pregnancy, do I need to clear the palace? Or something else?

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