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External wound of left foot and comminuted fracture of heel bone

Nov 18 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I am 40 years old. Due to improper driving and copying, the external wound of my left foot and comminuted fracture of my heel were caused. The external wound was very large. I had an external wound operation in our Qianqi hospital on September 25, and two steel needles were placed at the heel fracture. At that time, the doctor said that the internal fixation steel plate should be placed normally, but the external wound and fracture can not be operated at the same time. The steel needle may also work. Today, November 18, it has been 55 days, The external wound hasn't completely healed. The CT steel needle made on November 2 didn't work at all. Now there are still itchy feet and ankles and small blisters in some parts. The external wound doesn't hurt much. The heel fracture is swollen and accompanied by pain and itching, and the skin is purple. There are two thick blood exudations on the inner side of the ankle. I want to consult the doctor. Is the external wound bad for a long time related to the two steel needles? Heel fracture this performance, inside the bone should be all right? Can external trauma and fracture be operated at the same time? For a long time, can the operation of heel fracture be done, and will it have any impact? Is it possible for the bone to necrosis? I don't believe I'm seeing a doctor in the hospital now. I want to ask an expert for help. Thank you

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