White pustules on the gums all the time

Sep 17 20212 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I don't know why, but after the tooth was filled, I started to be afraid of cold and heat, and after I brushed it with desensitizing toothpaste, it got better, but it hurts a bit when I press the gum of that tooth, and the gum will grow white bubbles, and it will break when I lightly touch it, and there is something white inside, so I am afraid to look at the tooth, so I would like to ask the doctor, what is the reason for this, and will it get better on its own?Thank you.(It's an incisor, so there's a white bag on it, and there's a bag on the gum position of the upper jaw tooth inside, which is a bag of pressure, slightly painful, like a swelling)

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