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Generally, rectal distension causes abdominal pain at night, which affects sleep!

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My mother is 83 years old and has hypertension, coronary heart disease, mild cerebral infarction and chronic gastroenteritis. At present, blood pressure is well controlled, mild cerebral infarction also recovers well, and chronic gastroenteritis occurs from time to time. Generally, taking medicine and conditioning can improve quickly! I had traditional hemorrhoid surgery 15 years ago. A typical problem in the last two years is the problem of the intestine! Symptoms: the rectum feels swollen and wants to defecate, which causes small abdominal pain. This symptom usually appears at about one or two o'clock in the evening, and nothing happens during the day! There was constipation before, but it was not very serious. Constipation was frequent and aggravated in recent two or three months! Last October, I had a full abdominal CT. The conclusion was that there was no problem with the rectum due to chronic gastroenteritis. Recently, constipation was aggravated. Rectal mucosal prolapse and easy hemorrhoids were found during rectal examination. Later, I was hospitalized for traditional hemorrhoid surgery and rectal mucosal prolapse binding. The constipation was basically solved, but the problem of rectal prolapse at night still exists. Although there is a feeling of falling and swelling when defecating in the morning, there are no symptoms after defecation. It's basically all right during the day, that is, this symptom appears at night. Of course, it doesn't appear every night, but sometimes! May I ask the doctor, according to your medical experience, what is the reason for my mother's situation?

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