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Nothing has been done to motivate irritable contradictory perverse

Jul 24 20214 people replied
Description Of Condition:

This afternoon, I encountered something that I wanted to punish others by hurting myself in addition to wanting to drop things in a special way to shout out the inner way of speaking or is zisha. but I have positive energy inside to fight against it like I can't do this I still have my family I'm not doing this right.Just these two emotional conflicts make me especially helpless want to cry and finally want to cry I restrain myself from crying and then want to run away from everything.I think I almost all live in the childhood by others misunderstanding bully misunderstanding resentment and today's numb bumbling, I can not get rid of the childhood trouble, so I now become lazy, I know this is not right but I found so far did not receive a parent's sorry they never answered me that question positively so I think there is nothing worth me to change.I am now afraid to argue with anyone to talk back other people receive unequal treatment will be out two voices I am too lazy to argue in fact I am powerless to argue, I do not have the courage to argue I argue after no one will help me I feel abandoned

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