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Vaginal bleeding after progesterone suppository

Nov 13 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

After the drug abortion, B-ultrasound showed that there was residue in the uterus. After eating Wujia biochemistry, the residual volume decreased. Then came a menstruation. After menstruation, B-ultrasound showed 0.6 * 0.7cm and HCG value showed 0.25. The doctor said that considering the possibility of endometrial polyps, he opened progesterone suppository on the next menstrual day and said that he would recheck B-ultrasound after menstruation. Use the progesterone suppository for external use of Liangji every day, and have sex during the administration. On the 10th day of administration, when going to the toilet in the morning after sex, it was found that there was a small amount of blood flowing out of the vagina. Because the normal menstruation time is about four or five days later, and there is no follow-up blood to flow out after the blood is found in the morning, it is not like early menstruation. What is the reason for the bleeding? Is it polyp or menstruation really in advance? But it's really not like menstruation, thank you.

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