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Does this kind of large needle wound infect hepatitis B syphilis, AIDS?

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Description Of Condition:

Recently, there was a virus infection anxiety disorder. Yesterday, in piano class, the teacher's hand was hit by the piano horn. I subconsciously rubbed it for her. I didn't think much at that time. After class, I was a little OCD. I felt that if the other party hit a small wound on the back of her hand, I also had a small wound on my hand. I rubbed the back of her hand twice to see if the blood would spread. When I went home, I looked at it, there was no blood on my hand, and took a picture, as shown in Figure 1. I did housework all day today, Suddenly I found a small bruise like wound on my hand, very small, as shown in Figure 2, but I'm not sure whether this particularly small wound was caused when I played the piano yesterday or I did housework today. The worst plan was yesterday's exam. The teacher corrected my fingering. Her fingernail scraped me. I rubbed the position where she hit the piano corner twice. Is it wound contact? This kind of very small wound seems to be easy to get outdoors. Does it matter? May I ask if life, such as daily contact, is not a matter of doing things with friends who know their roots, playing ball games or sports, it is hard to avoid occasional accidents like minor abrasions. Can such very small wounds infect AIDS, syphilis and other blood diseases? I know that the transmission of general diseases requires a certain amount of virus, but I don't know how much. After all, these diseases are very terrible. Now I'm a little afraid of society, and I'm afraid of a small wound on my hand. I don't know how much the virus needs to spread. fear

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