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Never molars before. I was told to sleep at night every three or five times in nearly half a month

Nov 13 20212 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Recently, after eating calcium tablets for three days, the sound of grinding teeth can still be recorded by snail sleep at night. It's the kind of grinding when turning over. May it be related to endocrine disorders? Because I have frequent acne around my mouth and nostrils for half a year, and my menstruation was not clean before. Then I went to the hospital for examination. After taking medicine, my menstruation was better. Acne still occurs occasionally. And last week, I drank a liter of prune juice in one breath in the morning and let it out for a day. Finally, I pulled the water directly. My stomach must be clean, so I guess there should not be insects in my stomach.. In addition, I have wisdom teeth on both sides of my upper teeth, and the right one is a little long to the gums, but it doesn't hurt. Is it related to wisdom teeth? I wanted to wear braces at the end of last year, but the doctor said I was in good condition and there was no need for correction. There is also that I have been unconsciously chewing food on the right before. Later, I found that the right face is larger than the left face, and then I began to consciously chew on the left. It is not easy to look symmetrical, but even if I don't chew on the right, the right face is still large, and I have been chewing on the left. I feel that the left face is still small when I sleep, but as long as I chew on the right, the right face becomes larger, which is immediate. I'm so worried. I don't stay up late, college students don't have any pressure, and I'm in good condition before going to bed. A cup of black coffee every morning has lasted for half a year, which doesn't affect my sleep and physical and mental health.

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