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Girl mycoplasma infection, cough some serious, normal?

Nov 13 20211 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The girl is seven years old. On the night of 11.3, he suddenly had a fever of 38.5 degrees, accompanied by mild fever. On the night of 11.4, the fever subsided. After the fever subsided, he coughed seriously. The medicine he took (cephalosporin, Zhike Huatan granules) coughed for two days. On the night of 11.6, he suddenly had a fever of 39.4 degrees, and he couldn't get back after drinking the antipyretic medicine. Even if he did, he would have a fever again. On the morning of 11.7, he went to the hospital for examination and found mycoplasma infection. Then start the drip, Archie 7-10. The fever has been repeated these days. The fever subsided on the 11th and began to take erythromycin. I coughed a few days ago, and the cough became more and more serious. I couldn't sleep at night. I coughed once an hour or so and lasted about 2 minutes at a time. The cough began to ease on the evening of the 11th, and suddenly worsened at noon on the 13th. I have been coughing from noon to night with phlegm. Excuse me, is this normal? Coughing is almost non-stop, including coughing once after sleeping.

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