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Memory loss, poor appetite, etc

Nov 12 20215 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Recently, I found that I have memory loss for a time. I can't remember the previous people and the recent events. Recently, I haven't slept well, or I'm sleepy, or I'm insomnia. I don't want to do things and have no appetite. I drank and ate too much some time ago and recently I don't have much appetite. I used to be a patient with moderate depression. I was hospitalized in the hospital. After that, I took medication, but later I recovered a lot. I stopped taking medicine for nearly a year Although there may be some symptoms occasionally at ordinary times, they can also be controlled, but I obviously feel a little uncomfortable recently. Yesterday, the chest tightness was more obvious. I don't know whether the above symptoms are caused by recurrence or simple neurasthenia

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