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Is ginseng Jianpi pill suitable for eating all the time

Nov 11 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Probably from junior high school, I eat early at dinner time, eat at 6 o'clock, and go to bed at 10:30 p.m., I'm already hungry. Then I was hungry until the next morning. Junior high school, senior high school and university all starve themselves and starve their stomachs. My appetite has been bad. I can't eat when I'm full for 7 minutes. If I eat again, I feel sick and sick in my stomach. Male, 170cm, weighing about 108 for many years. Does this belong to weakness of the spleen and stomach? I have been taking ginseng Jianpi pills for about five months. This medicine slowly improves appetite and sleep. I can get up early at first, but I can't insist on getting up early later. It's estimated that I still don't have enough rest. Now sometimes it's not uncomfortable to eat. However, once the drug is stopped, the effect seems to fade quickly. Generally speaking, it is better than that before taking the drug. My question is: can I take this medicine for a year? There is improvement now, but it seems that it is not time to stop taking the medicine, but I dare not take it continuously; Or should I change my medicine and take it now?

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