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I feel anxious. Should I go to the psychiatry department

Nov 11 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

A month and a half ago, I had a meal. When I suddenly looked up, I felt dizzy. After closing my eyes for several seconds, it eased. After that, I was more worried about my body. After two days of exercise, I was tired. I felt a little dizzy in the company. I was very nervous. I was afraid that I would really faint. During the national day, Chang Jin lake has a heart beating. The heart is crazy and sweating. He wants to escape. He has to breathe deeply with his eyes closed for a long time. He has a long time to eat and feels that his heart is beating fast. There is a feeling of dizzy, which leads to the fact that he is afraid to go to the movies and dine together. In the days after the national day, I always dream (I didn't dream much before). I can't sit at home alone and pace back and forth. Last month, I went to the hospital to check the ambulatory electrocardiogram. There was nothing else except sinus tachycardia and sinus bradycardia. This period of time is a sign of occasional wishful thinking. I immediately divert my attention, but the overall mood has been relatively low. I feel I don't dare to get excited and laugh. I've been depressed. I don't know when I can change back to my former appearance. Please ask me if I want to see psychiatry in this situation?

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