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Abnormal EEG in children aged 6 years

Nov 11 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, doctor, during the first two days of sleep, the child shook his head and hands, and there was a little groan in his mouth. He couldn't wake up. It lasted more than 10 minutes before he woke up. He went to the hospital for examination and did a 20 minute EEG, which showed epileptiform discharge. Before that, the child had a fever of 39 degrees, returned after taking the medicine, and then coughed severely. He had children's cough and asthma, was eating montelukast, and Nianci nunnery in Kyoto, Today, I made another video EEG for more than ten hours. The report is attached. I asked the doctor to help analyze it. Is it serious? What is the treatment method

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