My heart hurts when I move my body, and it hurts when I sleep at night.

Sep 16 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I've been to the emergency cardiology clinic, had an EKG and an ambulatory EKG, had blood drawn, and had a CT scan of my lungs, and everything was normal!The doctor told me that my heart was fine!But I just feel uncomfortable with my heart, and it hurts all the time!Sleeping now also can not turn the left side, a pressure on the pain (not even before), some time ago there are late night.The physician gave me something like sleeping pills, but I feel it's useless, I sleep well, but when I get up my heart is still the same!Can anyone tell me what to do?(I was going to get a coronary exam, but my family won't let me go because my doctor said my heart is fine)

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