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Memory loss is obvious and the whole body is weak

Nov 10 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Symptom description: 21 years old, preparing for postgraduate entrance examination. From June to July, I obviously felt that my memory decreased. I'm very vague about the past. I feel like I've experienced and haven't experienced what happened. I forget what others say to me, even quarrel with others, and forget why in two days. Recite the questions and forget them after reciting them. Every day I feel very painful, all over, listless, weak, irregular menstruation, and occasionally chest tightness and shortness of breath. The reaction is still a little slow, and sometimes I can't express clearly. In the past, everything was very sharp and expressed very well. After checking the nail function, atpo143 and ATG are greater than 500 (the normal value is within 60), and there are nodules. But the local doctor told me it was all right. Just check it regularly. Would like to consult, will it be related to the function of nail? This memory decline should go to the hospital to check what department? Will it be serious? Today, I was shocked to see the statement of depression. Can it be depression. Or something else.

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