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Fatigue, sleepiness, difficulty sleeping, headache, temple drum

Nov 08 20215 people replied
Description Of Condition:

10.30 go to bed, put down your cell phone and start to sleep, but you can't sleep, but you're actually very sleepy. You feel your head buzzing, painful and heavy, and your temples beating up and down. It still takes about 12.30 to fall asleep every day. But I fell asleep quickly at noon, and I was sleepy when I was full. I'm very tired without doing many things every day. I don't want to do that kind of thing. There are also exercises every day, skipping rope, stretching, and there are not many classes in graduate school. What's the matter. Menstruation is also quite normal. It is this feeling of lack of strength that makes me particularly angry and helpless, and I feel very bad. Am I Qi and blood deficiency, astragalus, angelica, dangshen and medlar? Will these soaking water be useful, or should I eat tranquilizing brain tonic? The school has been closed. There is an infirmary in the school, but it is in another campus. Alas. Save the children? I can't sleep well every day. I really want to sleep

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