Want to know about PTSD thing

Sep 16 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, I would like to ask, little A before is a very unstable person, just better at hiding, then she met and his situation is similar to the small B, they warm each other is also considered to like each other, just did not ask to propose a relationship, then small A left school small B continue to study, not often together but also in contact, originally everything is good we have in good, suddenly before the start of schoolA few days before the start of the school year, Xiao B suddenly left in an accident, Xiao A know the news is very hard, but also have a stronger than ever suicidal tendencies, would like to accompany him but Xiao A can not let go of her young brother, then she felt no interest in anything, as if everything is back to square one, the psychological also appeared a big problem, when you think about it is very sad and regretful, two years have passed or have been unable to let go, living in the past, she was afraidShe is afraid that she will forget Xiao B. So in this case Xiao A will not suffer from PTSD ah

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