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Can AIDS be transmitted by objects?

Nov 06 20212 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, doctor, today I went to the CDC for blood tests to check AIDS, and blood samples were taken in the CDC. After finishing, the nurse took the cotton swab to stop bleeding from the finger blood collection place, and my right hand took the cotton swab from the nurse's hand. At that time, my right hand finger came into contact with the gloves on the nurse's hand, because the CDC's point was specially tested for HIV / AIDS, and specially tested AIDS. And it seems that nurses are wearing the same glove. I am worried that the nurse brings the same glove and contacts with many people. The gloves have AIDS virus. I didn't pay attention to whether there was any blood on the nurse gloves. I didn't pay attention to whether there was blood in my hands. After coming home, I didn't pay attention to washing my hands. My eyes had secretions on my eyes. I rubbed my eyes with my right fingers. If I had a virus on the nurse's glove, I touched her gloves on my right hand, then I went home, my right hand rubbed my eyes, and I rubbed my eyes out. Would this be infected with AIDS?

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