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At the age of 16, he masturbated for seven years and felt sexually addicted

Nov 03 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I started masturbating at the age of nine for seven years. I used to avoid masturbation in public places, but now I can't. the most exaggerated time was the year before last. I can masturbate six times a day, which is also the sex I began to think about every day. I thought about doing AI and masturbation without love. Sometimes I thought about thinking about y-gun and p-prostitution, but I didn't dare to do it without conditions. Later, it developed into one vague masturbation every weekend and holiday morning, You don't have to get up early to masturbate inexplicably. When you wake up, you only have vague memories, like a dream. You may masturbate once when you wake up. You often watch the content of Se emotion and soft se emotion. If you don't think about other things when you're free, you're full of sex. Whether you're sad or happy, you can erect masturbation as long as your desire comes. You feel like you've got a sexual addiction. Sometimes you especially want to do AI instead of masturbation, and you're full of ways to experience real AI, Last year, when I was the most exaggerated, I almost wanted to Q rape my classmates in a place with few people (although I didn't have any behavior, I just wanted to, and I almost caught my hand. I'm not so impulsive recently). Last year, I sometimes went to the toilet to masturbate and decompress in the evening self-study meeting. Recently, I bought a prosthetic ring to try to reduce glans sensitivity. At the age of 16, I didn't have independent economic conditions, I didn't dare to tell my parents, and I didn't dare to go to the hospital myself, I hope I can treat myself at home. It's best to buy drugs in pharmacies or online shopping. I hope it's medicine or physical therapy

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