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Consult (thinking? Spirit?) Problem 2

Nov 03 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Sometimes when doing things, I will be suddenly changed, as if another self knocked down the running self and then controlled it, with almost no sign; However, I found that they are two completely opposite selves, which is easy to understand. For example, they are "positive selves" and "negative selves"; In order to work hard, when doing things, whether it's sweet or bitter, sometimes it appears in my mind the next second. According to its judgment, that is, suddenly I want to degenerate and I don't deserve to work hard. The Three Outlooks have completely changed. Then I put everything down from my hands and kept doing things that made me degenerate. However, the duration should not be so long, about 20 minutes (I don't remember it, according to my feeling). Twenty minutes later, it returned to normal. But I don't know when it will relapse again, circulation. I don't know whether it's a normal human phenomenon (psychological problems) or some forced thinking, so please consult a professional doctor for guidance.

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