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The baby has used the hormone for half a year.

Nov 04 20211 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The baby has been born with eczema. For more than two months, someone recommended me to use a nursing cream. It is strange that it will be ready every other day, and its face will be smooth and clean. The first time I was a mother, I didn't understand this. I just thought it was a good effect. Now my baby is one year old and has been used intermittently for more than half a year. I found that it's good to use it as soon as it's not used. It will relapse when it's not used. It will become more and more serious when it's not used. I've completely stopped using it these days. There is a rash all around my mouth and around my eyes. It's the kind of rash with white rice grains inside. It's still itchy. It should have caused the hormone face, What should I do? If you don't apply anything, will it be cured later? (the baby is not more serious. Although there is a rash on his face, it is mainly around his mouth)

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