Chinese medicine and allergy medicine for fear of conflict, do not know which one to take

Sep 16 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The child has a long-term cough, every month because of the cough to see the doctor hang, generally a month hang seven or eight days, two shots a day, take medicine for more than half a month, in the children's hospital to do a lot of tests, said it is allergic, prescribed drugs to eat more than half a month, that is, Mengluster chewable tablets have not stopped, or coughing a lot, listen to the school parents said that the county hospital has an old Chinese medicine doctor to see cough particularly good, went to see, prescribed a number of Chinese medicineBut the hospital was out of stock and asked me to buy them outside. I asked a lot of places, but they didn't have them, so I only got Guaifenesinto promethazine granules, which are not quite the same, so I didn't dare to give them to him.It is the prescription, twice a day

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