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Abnormal leucorrhea, slight frequent urination and urgent urination

Oct 29 20214 people replied
Description Of Condition:

It started about a week ago. A few days ago, the leucorrhea was transparent, watery and mucilaginous. The vaginal opening was a little itchy, which felt like the one my aunt was coming. But at the same time, I had endocrine disorders. Then I ate some traditional Chinese medicine. My aunt didn't come. The vaginal opening was still itchy, so I washed it twice a day. Later, I washed it with soap. As a result, the leucorrhea turned white. I washed it in the vagina. At the same time, I had frequent urination and urgent urination, Later, I took some antibiotics, floxacin, and cephalosporin the next day. Later, I poured fuyanjie into the vagina and washed it. It was very dry and itchy. One day later, the itching was better. The labia felt a little pseudowet and was rubbed by me. It seemed that now the leucorrhea has turned yellow, watery and bean curd residue. There are many bean curd residue in the morning. Now there are many watery and fishy smells. Just now I have a little cramp in my stomach. It's the kind of pain I feel every time I come to my aunt. I just ate Sanjin tablets and floxacin

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