Cough for more than a month, fever in the palms of the hands, low fever.

Sep 14 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I went to the hospital on the night of the 2nd feeling feverish, coughing for half a month, 37.2 degrees, prescribed loquat and Tongxuan lung capsule, went again on the 6th, checked the blood routine and lung film, showing increased thickening of the texture of both lungs, blood routine is fine, went to review on the 12th, did a CT, lungs normal, blood routine is normal, but just wake up in the morning will have a little cough, a day is not coughing, coughing sputum is very little, 6 pm to 9 pmThe highest temperature is 37 degrees, sometimes the palms of my hands are hot and my calves are sore, what is the cause?

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