Boy, soon to be six years old, learning difficulties

Sep 14 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

For example, the number 234 repeatedly taught him for half a year as long as you change the position of 234 he does not know, and other Chinese characters Pinyin and so on are very difficult to learn, sometimes can write but do not know, but not stupid, if you give the color card marked he will judge the color card is a few, but write out to him to recognize it can not, and I feel that he has an inexhaustible spirit every day, has been moving around, running around.I feel that he has an inexhaustible energy every day, always moving around, running around, anyway, just can't be quiet, class attention is also not focused, others memorizing books are staring at the book, he is reciting the book mouth eyes do not know where to glance at it!What's going on? He'll be in first grade next year, so what should we do?

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