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How big wound infects blood diseases

Oct 15 20211 people replied
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Good evening, doctor, I would like to ask a question. I am a bit clean headed. Recently I saw blood borne infectious diseases, such as syphilis, hepatitis B and AIDS. These diseases are said to spread through wounds, and they are very tangled with other people's physical contact. When I go to the piano lessons, the teacher corrects my fingertips with my hands. She may just cut her fingernails a little bit sharp. When correcting, I feel a bit prickly on the back of my hand. After class, I found that there were three needle like wounds on my finger. I don't know whether it was an old wound or a wound stabbed by the other party's nail. It doesn't bleed, and it doesn't hurt to touch it. My hand has no obvious blood stain as shown in the figure. I wonder if the teacher will correct my fingering when her fingernails sharply scratch her own skin, and then my fingernails scratch me again. Then, with a small probability, we both have small wounds touching each other? Of course, generally speaking, there is no disease, but I can't help thinking about obsessive-compulsive disorder. For this kind of daily contact between hands, I will carefully observe whether there is such a small wound on the skin. No unclean behavior, but fear of this normal physical contact.

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