Painful urination during menstruation, just after going to the toilet and want to stool, not constipated and not scurrying thin

Sep 14 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

After intercourse, the leucorrhea was a bit yellowish-green the next day, and I put a Diazotide effervescent tablet, but the leucorrhea remained abnormal and itchy.After two days of menstruation, painful urination with burning sensation, never experienced painful urination, resulting in fear to urinate.During the period for several days in a row, I always want to defecate, but my stomach has been pulled empty, not constipated and not scurrying thin, squatting with some relief, and as soon as I stand up, I am filled with the desire to defecate.The sanitary napkin is used pants and pads, each time the red butt, a little numb and spicy, underwear has been individually hand-washed for many years

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