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Flash sensation and transient blindness in eyes

Oct 14 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

A few days ago, I closed my eyes and felt a flash. I thought it was the light flashing outside. When I opened my eyes, I found it was not at all. My own eyes flashed twice. Then one day when I looked at my mobile phone, I suddenly felt the flash of blinking. After a few flashes, I didn't care. Then I lay on the sofa and looked at my mobile phone for about two hours. I stood up and looked out of the window. Suddenly, there were small black spots in my eyes, from light to deep, from less to more, Finally, I couldn't see it at all. I blinked hard and suddenly saw it again. I went to the ophthalmology department of the hospital and did all the ophthalmic tests. The doctor said that there was no problem with the vitreous and retina. He said that it might be a lack of local blood supply, but now I still feel uncomfortable with my eyes, especially in the dark place. I feel that I can see things darker and brighter than before. Now I feel uncomfortable when I look at my mobile phone and computer for a while, Sometimes it hurts a little. It's very uncomfortable to open my eyes at night. I can't say that feeling. It seems that I can't see. I checked on the Internet that it's vitreous opacity. Can I take the medicine to treat vitreous opacity? By the way, I've had myopia for many years, 3, 4 Baidu

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