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Long term back stiffness and pain affect normal life

Oct 09 20214 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, doctor, I often feel stiff and painful in the middle of my department, and my activities are not limited. Especially at night, I feel worse, and emotional fluctuation and cold will also aggravate the pain. I have no obvious symptoms in the morning. I was diagnosed with thoracodorsal myofasciitis in orthopedics department. Recently, the weather has turned cold, and my condition feels worse. I found signs of thoracic scoliosis through X-ray examination. The doctor suggests more exercise, I feel that the pain of hanging the horizontal bar for a while will be significantly relieved, but it will still be very painful after a while. Consult the doctor for better treatment methods to correct the problems of lateral bending and pain. Because I have this disease all the time, I often feel anxiety and fear in my heart and worry about my serious disease. I am 176 tall and weigh 53 kg. Thank you!

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