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Irregular menstruation, menstrual cycle 42 days

Oct 12 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

In May, after menstruation for a week, there was brown secretion in the underwear for about 12 days. The blood flow was not improved after eating progesterone to urge menstruation. Then there was no brown secretion after menstruation. However, menstruation has not been adjusted since this time. Six items of sex hormones were checked in the middle, which seems to be low estrogen. Later, B-ultrasound said there was a cyst on the right side, and everything else is OK, But up to now, menstruation is still delayed every month. How can we treat it? There is no contraception in September. I just checked and didn't get pregnant. I want to ask, the ovulation test paper measured ovulation on September 30. Does menstruation come 14 days after ovulation? The menstrual cycle is very long, and it's almost 42 days. Do you need conditioning??

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