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Left stomach pain, navel 45 degrees, upper left

Sep 11 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, doctor! My left belly, the 45 degree angle direction of the navel (attached photos, finger position), a little below the ribs, pain, not very painful, lasted for a long time. What is the viscera in this position and what is the problem expected? Before I went to the hospital, I couldn't check blood routine, urine test, kidney test, rule out kidney stones, rule out liver function problems, and didn't do other tests. The doctor said it was nothing, but it's still painful since I came back for more than a month. I'm worried about whether there are other problems. Do you recommend gastroscopy? In addition, I have a bitter mouth and a bitter throat when I sleep. The saliva in my throat is light red in the morning (with photos). I haven't known whether it has anything to do with this for many years? Would you please ask the doctor for help?

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