Desperate to have friendships, chattering non-stop, but then will look away

Sep 13 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Recently lonely tight, I met a group of friends online, communicated with them very ordinary and happy, will please them in their own way, but in the end always wonder if they accept this way?Should I stop interacting with them?Do they look up to me?Will they take me for a fool, will I seem to interact with them too much, and generate resentment?I don't seem to be in the mood for jokes, I'm not in the mood for jokes, I'm just chatting with them and that's it.I don't know why I want them to pay attention to me, I will make some jokes about myself as a joke, I try my best to make up a mediocre joke, very boring.I meet interesting people will go close, but I do not communicate with them, I will stay aside to listen to their communication and then their own mood is very happy, as long as if not, will be bored impatient anxiety, will be adjusted through time, but in short, still restless.I also do not know how to express, I expressed the thinking is very messy, as a catharsis in order to show my gratitude for the 6 dollars left, to you who are willing to watch me talk nonsense

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