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Anxiety, shaking hands, jumping meat

Oct 12 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

At the end of August 21, there was suffocation. I checked that my heart and lungs were all right, and then I was dizzy. I was afraid of being ill all the time. Later, the neurologist recommended me to the psychiatric department. I saw the psychiatry department on September 3. I didn't have an appetite for a while. I was afraid that I would hold my breath. On the heaviest day, one arm and leg were numb and weak. After adjusting the adjustment point, the psychiatrist is not diagnosed, after all, 1 weeks is not enough time. Psychological tests were normal. I suspected that I was an anxiety disorder. I checked and found that I did have this symptom. Now I shake my hands again. I shake slightly when holding chopsticks. Sometimes I feel shaking, but my eyes don't. And the meat always jumps once or twice. What's the reason for this? Anxiety hasn't improved yet? Hands are strong. No feeling of weakness. Is this hand shaking and meat jumping a concomitant symptom of anxiety disorder? Thank you, doctor

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