My father's colon cancer metastasized after surgery, and a duodenal mesenteric tumor completely blocked the intestinal passage.

Sep 13 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

My father is now 75 years old, after colon cancer surgery last year, one year, recurrence of metastasis to the liver and lungs, and now intestinal obstruction is completely blocked.Gastroscopy showed that the tumor of the duodenum was blocked.At present, he is still in good spirits, but his body is not well, and he has not eaten for more than 10 days, and he relies on injections for maintenance.Q:Should I do a small intestine bypass to the stomach or should I maintain the injections (I am an old man, my health is poor, and I can't do the surgery to remove the tumor of the duodenum)?And how much does it cost to do this bypass surgery?

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