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About being bitten by something

Oct 09 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, doctor. When I was sleeping at night a few days ago, my neck suddenly itched and I scratched a lot in the back. But the next morning, I looked at it and there were two rashes on my skin. There was a little wound similar to the needle eye of an insect in the first place and a little rash in the second place. I looked carefully. The wound was only the same as the needle eye in the first place. I went to the emergency department of the municipal hospital later, I asked the doctor if it seemed to be bitten by insects, but at that time, the doctor said it was a little ugly because of crusting, and later gave me some medicine to relieve itching. Now I'm a little worried that it was bitten by mice, but according to my own judgment, it shouldn't be, because I didn't feel special pain at night, and only scratched for a while. I'm still a little worried about whether I've been bitten by a mouse. I'm worried that I'll be vaccinated against rabies. I'm a little anxious at present. I want to ask the doctor if I need to be anxious?

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