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Will this situation infect rabies virus

Oct 07 20214 people replied
Description Of Condition:

My husband and I went out and just walked to the door. He kicked a stone and directly kicked me where my feet were naked. Then he felt a pain. There was a white mark where my feet were naked. I was afraid it was bitten by a dog, because my mother-in-law's dog had just given birth. We lived in a yard, but he walked behind me and said he didn't see a dog, but there was a mark on my feet, There is a stone on the ground, so I think it should be that he kicked the stone and kicked me. I'm afraid there are cat and dog saliva on the stone, because my mother-in-law has cats and dogs. Then I have been injected with enhanced rabies vaccine this year. I don't know if it has protective effect. Please ask the doctor to help me see if it looks like a dog bite? Do you still need to inject booster vaccine in this situation? Thank you, doctor

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