Gastrointestinal discomfort and bowel irregularities.

Aug 15 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I feel that the stool is not smooth, every morning at seven o'clock want to go to the toilet, more regular, no abdominal pain during the stool, the color of the stool is also normal without blood, the stool is not dry and not thin.It is often felt that the morning pull not much, as if not finished, sometimes in the afternoon will pull again, sometimes every two days will pull a more, as if two days did not clean all out, feel a little tight when the anal area of the stool, a little swollen, feel a little like the fire kind of slight swelling pain, stool grooves (as if a chopstick pressed a little), sometimes the anus will itch, the more scratch the itch kind.The first period of time to eat a period of time for the treatment of H. pylori four drugs, three or four days after taking the drug stool becomes very normal, very smooth, half a month after the end of the drug is not smooth again.At the beginning of the year, my blood ultrasound and other items were normal.Please help me with a comprehensive analysis, thank you.

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