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AIDS phobia, HIV negative in 2-3-4 weeks

Oct 07 20211 people replied
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WHO announced the window of AIDS for 14-21 days in 14 years. In 2019, the National Health Council issued a document identifying the 14-21 days of AIDS window. In addition, I consulted, Dr. Pan Yi, a member of the national infectious disease research group of Xiamen Medical University. He told me that the longest window period was 21 days. Now I also want to consult the doctors here. I drank with a friend of the opposite sex who had known me for several years. After drinking too much, I had no sexual intercourse for less than a minute. Without internal injection, I didn't do it when I was awake. The other party was engaged in the beauty industry. Regular beauticians would have a physical examination every year. Afterwards, I had a 19 day County traditional Chinese medicine, 20 day County People's Hospital and 28 day town health center. The four tests were negative before operation. It's still necessary to check. The CDC doctor told me that the latest HIV window period was 14-21 days. I also consulted Dr. pan ye, a professor at Xiamen University. She said that I didn't need to check. After 21 days, the test was negative in any behavior and in any way. The doctor's parents were worried. I was afraid. I hope some doctors have some medical ethics. Now it's 2021. Don't talk about the three months in 1992 or the six weeks in 2006. As doctors, let's learn new knowledge in real time (male, 2 years old)

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