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How does mental dysuria need to be treated

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Description Of Condition:

Question 1: a person can urinate, but the process is not smooth. At this time, the brain receives the urination signal is not strong enough, the waiting time is long and the urination is weak; When there are many people, I can't pull it out. For example, I urinate alone in the toilet. Although I wait for a long time, I can pull it out slowly, but when people come in one after another, the brain can't receive the urination signal in an instant, and I have no intention of urinating at this time; Everyone walked away and slowly peed again. Question 2: after sleeping until dawn, people are still lying flat on the bed. Their brain can't receive the urination signal at all. They squeeze their abdomen hard. The urine has been full, but they don't have the desire to urinate. When they get out of bed, they go to the toilet and wait for a while. Although there is a lot of urine, they still have no ability to urinate. The waiting time is also long. The earliest discovery was in 2007. They were a little anxious in the first year of senior high school and were intimidated during that period. Senior two began to return to normal spirit, but urination problems appeared. Masturbation began in 2003 and problems began in 2007. It has been four years of masturbation. I went to the hospital to check whether there are bladder and prostate problems. Considering whether it is a mental urination disease, how to treat it?

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