Pituitary fullness in a 13-year-old child

Oct 02 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The two sides of the brain were symmetrical, and multiple small lamellar slightly long T1 and long T2 signal shadows were seen in the left frontal lobe with high signal on FLAIR sequence.The morphology and signal of cerebellum and brainstem on both sides were not abnormal.The morphology, size, and signal of the ventricular system, brain pool, and sulcus were not abnormal.There was no displacement of the midline structures.The pituitary gland was full in shape, with an upper and lower diameter of 1.1 cm, the pituitary signal was less uniform, the posterior pituitary lobe was slightly larger, with a long diameter of about 0.5 cm, the pituitary stalk was not significantly displaced, there was no significant sagging of the saddle base bone, and no abnormalities were seen in other structures in the pars and suprasaddle.The hormone 6 items were normal.

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