Leukorrhea with foul odor, yellow color, red blood cells 2-5, cleanliness III

Oct 03 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

After the birth of a child in March, the white belt has been with a foul smell, unpleasant.A little yellow, did several tests, mold bacteria trichomonas are not, just cleanliness Ⅲ degree, 8.24 physical examination did a cervical picture examination, showing Pap II, there is inflammation ...... today and came to the hospital to do the routine white belt, miscellaneous bacteria and so on no, or cleanliness Ⅲ degree, but more than a red blood cells 2-5, please ask what this means?What is the cause of this odor?Is it related to inflammation of the cervix?Do I need to use medication?

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