Is my perennial recurring acne due to high androgen?

Aug 06 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I've ruled out many possibilities, in order not to grow acne, I almost do not eat spicy, do not eat heavy salt, do not drink drinks, etc. In short, for acne I now a few years are eating very light, occasionally exercise, sleep seven or eight hours a day, wash your face well every day with salicylic acid azelaic acid or something, but in addition to salicylic acid at first useful, the backI suspect that my androgens are too high, because I have a lot of body hair, long hair on my nipples and shoulders, pubic hair that grows directly to my navel, long leg hair, anal hair on my buttocks, a strong sex drive, and a throat that gets inflamed easily, all of which seem to be symptoms of high androgens.Is there any way to lower androgens?By the way, I mentioned that the soft capsules of VIVIA are useful, but fear of side effects did not continue to eat, once you stop and start to grow.

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