I picked off the skin of the mucous membrane at the junction of the soft palate and hard palate of the mouth, and it became an ulcer.

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Description Of Condition:

As the question is, about the 24th day of eating something burned, I will be this location of the mucosa keyed off the traumatic ulcer, and then the next day I feel uncomfortable with the hand, the ulcer next to the mucosa near the hard jaw a press lack of depression, as if the leg swelling kind of feeling a pit, after the third day began around the good mucosa themselves broke, I did not even touch it what is going on, not cancer, right, pleaseI'd like you all to help me, oral mucosa doctors oral and maxillofacial surgeons, do not know how to answer, Figure 1 is the 26th, Figure 2 - Figure 3 is this morning, there are new places broken, red mark is a burn ulcer, the other color mark is it broke by itself.

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