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Always fantasizing about being targeted by others, always suspicious and nervous.

Oct 04 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I've always had suspicions, and it's been going on for over a year.It always felt like people in the dorm would target me, and then my mind imagined all kinds of things that would happen after they targeted me, such as quarrels and fights and so on.Then the thoughts jolt awake.Always imagining my parents fighting and then brainstorming who I would be on the same side as.Imagine my father scolding my mother and imagining her sad and painful face.Then the thought jolts awake and gives itself a mouthful.Always occasionally imagine the object to cuckold me, and then think about it, the reality is unconsciously disgusted with her, and even impatient, and then the thoughts jolt awake and give themselves a mouthful, which is impossible, because she loves me very much.But somehow, there are always these strange thoughts.Feeling very passive, I unconsciously imagine that I am being targeted, that I am down and out, that my parents are divorced, that I have no one to turn to, but none of this is happening.Parents occasionally quarrel, but they still love each other very much; roommate relationship is also quite good, called brothers, occasionally together for dinner and exercise; and the object of a beautiful intimate relationship, she loves me very much, I also love her.I don't know why, but I always have this fantasy.Occasionally, I want to be done with it, I think I really have no meaning, sorry to anyone, I can not give my parents retirement, I can not give the object of the future, I can not give myself a satisfactory answer.Of course, the idea of ending it all, not occasionally, quite often, but also not often, I can not say how I feel.Please ask the doctor, what is wrong with me?

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