Focal mucosal atrophy of the gastric sinus with altered intestinal epithelial metaplasia, gastric cancer

Oct 02 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

In January 2020 developed acid reflux, heartburn, hunger!Had a gastroscopy and the report was non-atrophic superficial gastritis and positive for H. pylori!!!Sterilized 3 times in over a year, the first 2 times successful, then relapsed, the 3rd time was only sterilized in July 2021 and failed!Stopped the drug retest is positive!For over a year, the stomach has been upset, and I've been going to the hospital and prescribed medication to take!The symptoms were acid reflux, heartburn and water in the mouth!Had a repeat gastroscopy in September 2021!The report is as pictured!!!Still positive for H. pylori!Focal mucosal atrophic changes of the gastric sinus with intestinal epithelial metaplasia!!!More than a year, has the stomach disease developed more seriously?Is it close to getting stomach cancer?How long can I live with this condition?How can a positive H. pylori be eradicated?How long will it be stomach cancer?Is it only to wait for death?So worried

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