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What is the risk of contracting rabies virus?

Oct 03 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

1, 10 days after the dog is still the same as usual. 2, one hand touched the wet dog's nose, followed by this hand with dog saliva touched the wound on the other hand, the wound a day, with alcohol wipe or very painful. 3, after half an hour home, with soap and water to clean, but baby soap, and old-fashioned soap ingredients are not quite the same, to the faucet has been rushed with running water, the time is estimated only 5 ~ 10 minutes.4. Wiped with iodophor and covered with a band-aid.I think it was a month before I remembered to get the vaccination, and a week after the full course, the dog was still as usual.Can I rule out the risk 100%?Also, when I sleep at night to remove the band-aid, I want to get better and faster, the wound touches the covers, and at night the wound is sometimes touched by the little baby, and the baby kisses me (my saliva touches the baby), is the baby at risk?Does a one year old need to be vaccinated?

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