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I suspect Mafang syndrome and would like to seek the guidance of my doctor and teacher.

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Description Of Condition:

I have a classmate of a classmate, not very close, played together.Today in class (shadow imaging) waiting to learn about Mafang syndrome, I felt some resemblance to him.I thought about it when I was studying genetics, but I thought the probability was too low, so I didn't think about it anymore.Today, I heard in class that patients with this disease are prone to serious problems with their cardiovascular system (aneurysms and the like) and I was a little panicked.My classmate's classmate is very tall, about 190cm or more, very thin, with long limbs, wears glasses (I don't know if he is highly myopic), his hand's metacarpophalangeal joints can reach back significantly, the nails can touch the back of the hand, the face is also relatively long, the jaw is pointed, the jaw arch seems to be a bit high, not quite sure, these characteristics and the characteristics of the class heard and online search have a relatively high degree of overlap.I don't have any further information because I don't know him very well.The disease is commonly inherited, but I am not sure about both parents, and there is a very low probability that it is caused by a genetic mutation.This information alone is not enough to confirm the diagnosis.I am not sure what to do now, and I have some questions for the teachers, roughly as follows: 1. Is CT and ultrasound used to detect any lesions in the cardiovascular system?Even if the diagnosis is confirmed, is there no special treatment for this disease?Is there any benefit to early detection and treatment of this disease?If there is a professional counterpart or an experienced teacher who sees this consultation.I hope you can point out a couple of things and give valuable advice, I would appreciate it!

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