What is the condition of thinning stool and difficulty in pulling out

Jun 17 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The last six months the stool is not quite normal.The number of times are basically once a day, the first few months on the poop card five or six of the kind of thin stool, or slag-like (eat what pull what is not digested, vegetable scraps green can be seen) once in a while watery.The last week or two has become the fifth not too rotten, basically striped, but the stool is much thinner than before and short, the amount of pulling only a third of the previous can not be pulled out, but there is still a bowel movement.The abdomen occasionally has a feeling of swelling, and I feel a little tired.But no mucus or blood has been detected so far.What is my condition and do I need a gastroenteroscopy right away?

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