Is it so hard to get pregnant?Please tell me if you have a doctor

Sep 22 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

One year I had an abortion for about 2 months, then after 4 months I got pregnant this time three months to do a medical abortion plus scraping, in 2017 I had an unplanned pregnancy 100 days pregnant to do a medical abortion plus scraping, then always do the examination to do ultrasound what ultrasound everything is normal, the uterine lining is also normal, in November 2019 my menstruation was delayed to find high prolactin appeared hamartomatous fibroids eat bromocriptine two years menstruationnormal, there is ovulation, but recently has been to have children, began to wear condoms all the time contraception, now want to have children with the room, can not conceive it, with a month, not pregnant, I am not a problem, or fallopian tube blockage?I'm not sure if I should do any tests this month, but I've been having intercourse during ovulation, and I've barely stopped, but this month, I'm not pregnant, and I'm using test paper to test false positive, and I'm having my period.

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