More body hair, especially tie, affecting normal life

May 06 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I've always had a lot of body hair, fingers, arms, calves have a long but not too dense hair, and then shaved off the original hair, around the shaved place, the original did not also grow out, now including thighs, almost all of them have grown soft not dense but quite long hair.The hair on my private parts has seriously affected my life, especially the more I shave, the more blindly long, from the original normal range to the anus now also have, thigh root to thigh near also have, vulva slit also have, the more inside part of the growth is the kind of white very soft and inconspicuous hair, especially solid, especially uncomfortable, what is the way to remove hair, before going to the hospital, the doctor said I this is not hirsutism, onceI've had ovarian polycystic and irregular uterine bleeding.

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